Bryony is an Artist, Designer & Illustrator, from Worcestershire, UK.


I graduated from Staffordshire University in 2015 with a 1st Class Degree in BA (Hons) Surface Pattern Design.


After 2 years spent living in China and travelling around South East Asia, I moved back the the UK and started working as a self employed Artist and Designer, specialising in pet portraits, inspired by my love for animals. In March 2019, I decided to start "Bristle & Bud"- making custom artwork, prints and gifts to sell online and at craft fairs.


A dabbler of sorts, I am constantly exploring different techniques and processes. With this underlying necessity to draw, I always begin by spending time observing the subject matter- whether it is with pencil and paper, collage or paint, I lget a buzz from experimenting with new ways of visually recording. An advocate of the handmade and hand-drawn; I take a hands-on approach to design- collecting, building, constructing, and getting involved in the process of making. Always keeping an open mind; I love learning new skills and experimenting with techniques.

My connection with nature and the inspiration I get from spending time outdoors is often reflected in my photography, drawing and designs. I find inspiration in the overlooked, and gather objects on my journeys to add to my collections - I enjoy writing, recording and keeping a journal. By bringing unexpected elements into my work by use of colour, imagery or process; I enjoy making people take a closer look; to see things a little differently.

Constantly seeking inspiration in everyday life, I find creativity in unlikely places and find it hard to go anywhere without a camera or notebook handy- ready to capture a moment, colour or interesting composition. These provide valuable archives for me to revisit when seeking inspiration for a new project or theme.


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