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First Christmas Away from Home

A belated Merry Christmas from Yuyao!

This has been my first Christmas away from home, so I was expecting to feel a little homesick. Actually it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Christmas isn’t a big thing here in China; it’s mainly used as a commercial holiday and a reason for shops to have sales. For this reason, it didn’t feel at all like Christmas back home.

On Christmas day and evening I was working which kept me busy. I managed to rush home after work to skype family and then carry onto the staff Christmas meal. It was a bit surreal seeing my family on the laptop screen in front of me, and hearing their voices but also feeling very detached as if I wasn’t actually speaking to them in real time. Still, it was a much needed catch up- even if the connection was very poor. The staff meal was pretty fun, although I have been pretty ill recently (I should probably go to the doctors or pharmacy at some point before I develop a chest infection or something nasty). We each bought a dish that we had cooked ourselves and the school provided a turkey and cakes. I went straight home afterwards to get some sleep and spent my 2 days off resting a lot and hanging out with Pat.

This week I only have 3 days at work and then Saturday – Tuesday is holiday. Me and Beka are going to Hangzhou for 2 days which is exciting- I've heard great things about the city, and I'm looking forward to seeing West Lake.

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